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Country Gardens RV Park
1335 Witmer Road
Petersburg, ON N0B 2H0




We have been in the park since 2007 and on our new site since 2009. We have developed very close friendships with our neighbours. We truly feel that we are part of a family, supporting one another. We cry together, we laugh together, we are there for each other and we help each other. This is a true community and family and we love being a part of it. My husband and I will be going to Florida for the winter. Though I will not miss the weather I will truly miss my friends at Country Gardens and look forward to our return next spring.

Sandra and Dave

I just wanted to say that in a couple of hours I'm hoping to be on my way back to one of my favourite places in the 'Happyplace.'  In 2003 we were freshly retired from farming (but had other jobs) and were trying our hand at camping. We had enjoyed many years staying at my parents' trailer at Happy Hills, but had never had the time to do it on our own.  As a kid, I had come to Country Gardens with my church Sunday School for picnics and swimming in the pond. So, when trying to figure out where to go camping, we decided on trying out the park. It sure was quite the first weekend at Country August weekend in 2003 that most of southern Ontario will remember for another reason....the hydro went out for hours and for some, days. But we were just fine, actually better than at home as the trailer was self-contained and we did without nothing.

Country Gardens and the Bingeman family made such an impression on us that we decided to come here for our 2-week vacation the next year. As the first week passed, we realized just how great it was to have the trailer set up on a site already, and not have to deal with traffic, or if we would in fact like the park when we got there. It sure helped that the seasonal campers were so friendly and Bingemans were, as well.  So by the middle of the second week of vacation, we were happily set up on our new 'seasonal' site.  We are now into our 11th season and I can't imagine not having my 'Happyplace' to come to.

Country Gardens has it all....entertainment, activities, or just quiet time, whatever makes your escape from the crazy rat race your 'Happyplace' ..... oh, and did I mention the ultimate July 1st weekend activities and fireworks? It would make much larger centres envious!

Thanks, Jan, Peter, Laura, Ian, Alan, Fran, Emily and Jill and all the wonderful staff at Country Gardens!

The Wilkins