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Country Gardens RV Park
1335 Witmer Road
Petersburg, ON N0B 2H0


COVID Response

Welcome To Country Gardens! Hi Campers

"Be careful with your words, once they are said, they can only be forgiven, not forgotten." Carl Sandburg.

Mask Wearing If you are entering the office or the snack bar or any building, you must wear a face covering. Nose, mouth and chin must be covered. This is required by the face covering by-law. This does not apply to children under the age of five and those who are unable to wear a face covering as a result of a medical condition or disability.

If you are coming to view a trailer for sale, please also bring a mask

You may also now enter the office as a family bubble.

For both the office and the snack bar please ensure you are follow the door signs for entrance and exit. For the snack bar, if you do not have a mask to enter inside the building, you may place your order at the take out window. It is for your safety as well as for our staff's safety that we follow these rules.Thank you for your patience as we all work together to figure things out.

Beach Our Beach is NOT open to the public for Beach Day Visitors at this time as the washrooms remain closed. We are not planning on putting out the inflatable water toys this season. It is only open to our registered seasonal and overnight campers and to their invited guests.

Playgrounds This Friday, our playground will be open to our campers and their guests. Yay! The kids can finally enjoy the playground!

Activities $5 per activity: Mini golf, peddle carts and paddle boats(mandatory, need to bring your own life jackets) Discounted Tickets can be purchased at 5 tickets/$20+hst Bring your own equipment to use the basket ball net and the tennis/pickleball courts. Ask for the shuffleboard equipment at the snackbar (request at the takeout window).

Scheduled Events Good news this week with the announcement for increasing the number of people for outside gatherings. Your 10 person circle, however, remains the same and social distancing with those not in your circle must be maintained. Larger numbers of people may now participate in more activities like holeyboard and horseshoes. Listen to the organizers instructions. The pool rules, however, remain the same.

Aquafit Monday to Friday 2 sessions at 9am and 9:45am.

The pool is open mon-friday 10:30am-dusk/ Sat and Sunday 10am-dusk

Adult swim daily from 4-5. You must be at least 18 years old to swim at this time.

Bird Box painting will take place Sat. July 18th 1pm and 1:30pm. Please ensure that you have signed up to participate in this event as supplies are provided by the social committee. The sign up sheet is outside by the front door to the office.

Sign up sheet for Kids Holeyboard is located outside the office. Event is scheduled for next Sat. July 25th. Please include the age of child participating.

Line Dancing Sat. July 18 at 10am under the pavilion.

Holey Board Sat. July 18 at 1pm More than 10 can be on one location (maintain social distancing) 50/50 tickets sold Sat July 18th, winning ticket numbers are posted on the entrance and exit door windows of the snack bar.

Not confirmed yet from the bingo organizers but possibly have Outside Bingo 7pm on Saturday July 18th under the pavilion. Family bubbles could sit together at the picnic tables. Others to sit apart from each other. Shall we give it a try?

Horseshoes Sunday 1pm More than 10 people can be at one location (maintain social distancing) Next Saturday July 25th Kid's Holeyboard Tournament.

More events will follow now that some rules have relaxed. The social committee would love to hear from you if you have ideas for acceptable events that comply with restrictions or if you would like to volunteer for any scheduled events.

We are not able to hold dances, karaoke, potlucks, wagon rides, beach days or fireworks at this time.

Seasonal Camper's invited Visitors As of Friday we will be allowing you to have overnight visitors to your site. You must notify the office that they will be spending the night inside of your trailer. No tents are permitted on site, so consider carefully if you can properly accommodate extra people inside your trailer. Say no, if you do not have the room for extra people. It is up to you to advise your guests on the rules of the campground. You are responsible for your visitors. The cost is $10/person/night. Your day visitors must arrive before 8pm (no admittance after 8pm) and must be gone by 11pm. We will continue to ask your visitors two questions at the gate 1) which site they are going to 2) are they expected by you.

Readers Choice Awards It is time for some friendly competition between Country Gardens RV Park, Landings Campground and Whistle Bare Campground. The Record's Readers Choice Awards are on right now, and you can vote for Country Gardens, Landings or Whistle Bare in the category of Best Campground. May the best park win. To vote, just click here, and search for the campground of your choice.

Country Gardens was nominated in the categories of Best Campground, Day Trip, Mini Putt, and Recreational Vehicles.

Landings was also nominated in the categories of Best Campground, and Day Trip.

Whistle Bare was also nominated in the category of Best Campground.

Let's see which parks will win in their categories!

CTV News CTV News Kitchener was at Landings Campground today doing a story on camping and camping equipment. Part of the news story featured our very own Peter Bingeman.

Water Conservation Thank you to all those that checked, fixed and/or reported water drips and leaks. We have noticed a difference in the water meter usage. If you have not yet checked your water connections, please do so. If you are leaving the park for awhile, please turn off your water. If you come to your trailer and the water has been turned off and/or hose disconnected, it is most likely because of a water leak.

Ponds You may have noticed a different colour to the pond water this year. Yes, we have put a dye in the pond water to help control algae growth. It is meant to reflect sunlight to impede the growth of weeds and algae. It is not harmful to the fish or to you. The product is called Healthy Ponds by Bioverse.

Keep it Clean, Keep it Green Do your part to help Mother Earth! Reduce, reuse, recycle! We try our best to keep the campground clean, please pick up any garbage you see. Make sure you are putting everything in the correct bins by reading the labels attached to them. Recyclable objects go in the blue bins and non-recyclable objects go in the garbage. Please do not put bags of garbage into the recycle bin.

Compost Pile and Burn Pile and Broken Concrete Please dispose of the above items to the appropriate spots. For compost: place grass clippings, yard debris and weeds here. Do NOT put any branches or paper bags in this pile. Do NOT put household compost items here. For the burn pile: place twigs and branches and burnable items here. NO PLASTIC. For broken concrete and patio stones: place broken concrete products here.

Hydro Invoices Hydro invoices were sent out. Please let us know if you did not receive yours. The Ontario Electric rebate was applied to your hydro bill. Late charges will apply if not paid by July 25th.

Rule Reminder This is a reminder that it is your responsibility to educate yourself on the rules in the campground. Click Here to view the rules.

We would like to start our rule reminder by highlighting a specific line from our rules: Abusive language or profanity will not be tolerated.

Now, for this weeks rule reminder... Golf Carts Golf Carts are a privilege, not a right.
The same rules that apply for motor vehicles on our roads and highways do apply in our campground. Golf Carts can be a fun vehicle if driven properly and leisurely, but a hazard if driven carelessly. Solo drivers must have a valid G2 or G driver’s license. Young drivers must produce proof of this if asked. Drivers with a beginner’s license must be with a G license holder at all times. Adult campers without a license, but still able to safely drive a cart, may do so at The Park's discretion. No alcohol. No smoking or vaping. No driving while under the influence of alcohol, cannabis or drugs. Speeding, racing and cart overload is dangerous and not permitted. Cart max speed is 15Km/hr. The maximum number of riders will equal the number of seats. Screaming, hollering, abusive language and boisterous behaviour will not be tolerated. No radios or speakers are to be used on golf carts. Shortly after 11pm, golf carts must be back on The Occupant’s site and stay there until 8am the next morning. Each cart must have front and rear lights if driven after dusk. Each cart must have The Occupant’s site number, at least 3” tall on each side of the cart. Each cart must be properly insured with a copy of proof of liability insurance given to office. Only electric golf carts are allowed

Rental Trailer We have one rental Trailer here at Country Gardens on site 915 that overlooks the koi pond. It is available for the week of Monday Aug 31st to Monday Sept 7th. There is also availability for one week during September. Information about the rental trailer and photos can be viewed on our website.

Buy Local Buy Fresh Today, we are featuring two cheese places... I mean... who doesn't love cheese!

Oak Grove Cheese - 29 Bleams Rd East, New Hamburg

Mountain Oak - It's Local, it's Gouda, it's Good! 3165 Huron Rd, New Hamburg